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  • Coaster Information:

    No way out  is a steel roller indoor roller coaster located at Thorpe Park, England. It isn’t one of the most thrilling roller coasters but yet never the less it’s still exciting for anyone’s first ride in the park. To be honest it’s a ride for ages between 8 and 16, with its dark tunnels and creepy kids dolls with red eyes placed around the track. It was Thorpe park’s first non – powered ride and it was marketed as the first backwards roller coaster in the dark. The theme of no way out was revolved around the idea of being stuck inside a computer virus, although now days there isnt much to accommodate its theme. Playing loud dance music, low lighting and UV lights makes you feel like your inside a rave. The backwards rollercoaster is situated inside a blue and terracotta pyramid that goes below floor level. . The ride once had a longer queue line, but this has been modified to accommodate for the ‘Hell Gate’ Fright Night maze. The original roller coaster had many sections of theming, but over the past few years, these have mainly been removed, or are simply not working.

    Some of the best parts on a roller coaster os pulling your hilarious priceless face for the on ride camera  but this was removed on No Way Outat the end of 2005. The ride had several modifications for the 2007 season, including enhanced queue line lighting, new video and sound effects, and a new control cabin. The Queue line video ceased playing after a year and the television screens are now switched off. In 2010, No Way Out intermittently operated with the safety lights turned on, meaning the ride was sometimes ran with the interior of the building being visible.

    The train bends through a pitch black area, straight into the drive tyre lift hill. As riders climb, colored lights flash to either side. The train then drops and riders are immediately sent into a helix, over a small hill, and straight into the first set of brakes. If the special effects are working, pipes blast air above the train and various sound effects are heard. The train then travels off backwards again through a second helix, before stopping at another brake run. Here the train slowly moves forward, stops and travels backwards again. After another drop and turn, riders are sent into another brake run, as the train travels forwards and back several times.

    Two static robotic figures are seen to the right, and disused fans are situated above. The train is then sent backwards again before stopping at a final break run located at ground level, before traveling into the unload station. A message plays: “The ride has come to an end, please exit to your left.” Riders then leave their vehicle and exit through large doors, heading into the area that previously held the on-ride photo stall. After walking down the exit corridor, passing a large, comical battery labelled “Thorpe Park power supply”, riders collect their belongings and exit into daylight. The reason for certain elements and effects being removed, shut down or replaced (such as music) is often unclear, however, many theming aspects were removed as they broke down and weren’t seen as a worthwhile investment by the park.

    Quick Info:

    Current Coaster Name: X:/ No Way Out
    Current Park Name: Thorpe Park
    Previous Ride Name(s): N/A
    Location: Surrey, Stains , England
    Status: Operating
    Cost: N/A

    Technical Info:

    Type: Steel
    Opened: March 23rd, 1996
    Designer: Vekoma
    Features: Enclosed, Themed
    Height: 42 feet
    Max Drop: 26 feet
    Max Speed: 28 mph
    Length: 1312 feet
    Acceleration: N/A
    Inversions: 0
    Duration: 1.38
    Trains: 5
    Capacity: 1000 Per hour




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