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    When I saw Volcano, The Blast Coaster I knew I had to ride it! I went to Kings Dominion a few years ago and I must say it was one of the best vacations I’ve ever had. Not only for the theme park but for the area itself.  We decided after a few drinks that we should all go to Kings Dominion the next day. So with all the excitement in the air, we were trying to decide what roller coaster we should ride on first! We all came to a final conclusion that the The Blast Coaster would be the first to be ridden. The next morning we struggled to get out of bed considering the amount we drank the night before, we finally managed to get up and have some breakfast and discuss if we were going to go to the park. We made an agreement that we wouldn’t back down no matter how we felt, so we picked up our gear and headed to the park.

    We finally got to the ride feeling terrible and were having second thoughts. If drink driving is unacceptable then I’m sure riding coasters with a huge hangover and still feeling the effects from the night before is not a good idea. Yet again we egged each other on and said we couldn’t back down!

    Volcano The Blast Coaster is a launched inverted roller coaster and it is one of the most popular rides there since opening on August 3, 1998. It’s manufactured by one of my favorite coaster companies in the world, Intamin! At opening, the ride became the world’s first LIM launched inverted coaster and to this day, remains the world’s only full-circuit launched inverted coaster.

    Volcano’s design is based on a volcanic eruption. Upon embarking one of three trains at the base of the mountain, riders make a sluggish turn left out of the station. The train then moves into its first of two launch tracks, which accelerates the train to 76 miles per hour. After making a sweeping 200-degree turn behind the mountain, the train enters the second launch tunnel, followed by a upright section ending in a “roll out” element.

    The “roll out”,is similar to a sidewinder, it’s essentially a vertical section of track followed by a quarter loop to bring the train completely upside down. The roll out element is unique to Volcano. The highest point of the roll out is 155 feet above ground level, making it the tallest inversion at Kings Dominion, taller than Dominator’s 135-foot vertical loop. After the roll-out, the train makes a sweeping turn around the mountain followed by a heartline roll in midair. The train makes another turnaround and passes through a second heartline roll, which is embedded into the side of the mountain. After another turnaround and a third heartline roll, the train makes a turning, 80-foot drop into the final brake run.

    Quick Info:

    Current Coaster Name: Volcano, The Blast Coaster
    Current Park Name: Kings Dominion
    Previous Ride Name(s): N/A
    Location: Beaverdam, Virginia, United States
    Status: Operating
    Cost: $20,000,000

    Technical Info:

    Type: Steel Inverted
    Opened: August 3, 1998
    Designer: Intamin
    Features: LIM Launch, Partially Enclosed, Themed
    Height: 155 feet
    Max Drop: 80 feet
    Max Speed: 70 mph
    Length: 2757 feet
    Acceleration: N/A
    Inversions: 4
    Duration: 1 min, 10 sec.
    Trains: 3
    Capacity: N/A




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