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  • Coaster Information:

    Tremors, is a wooden roller coaster located at Silverwood theme park. It has been voted the 9th best wooden roller coaster in the world. It Features four underground tunnels, the first of which goes under the ride’s gift shop. The ride received “topper track” in 2010, a new track system designed by Rocky Mountain Construction of Hayden, Idaho. The new system, similar to the companies Iron Horse I-Box  track system is designed to cut down on track maintenance, as well as daily wear and tear.

    There is something unique about this wooden roller coaster. It has CCI- ultra padded seats. Which is definitely needed! I have experienced many rollercoasters which give you some serious neck and back ache, shaking on the track and bumping your head on the chairs. This makes it very uncomfortable and hard to enjoy.

    The ride climbs up a 100 foot hill, turning left at the top bringing you to its first humongous drop which enters a tunnel. The first drop is a whopping 103 feet which rushes through the first tunnel underneath the gift shop. The train comes roaring out the first tunnel and barrels down into the ground through another tunnel at 60 miles per hour. As the train rushes out the second tunnel, it rips into what can only be described as a giant warped helix, throwing riders from side to side. Tremors barrels its way into a series of small camelbacks full of air and speed. Soon the joy of negative G’s is interrupted by a peculiar distraction. A sign that that says “Danger, Bridge Out! ”. With only that brief warning, the train approaches a cracked support board which acts as a head chopper special effect. Then as if the tunnels weren’t enough, the train dives dangerously close underneath the “broken” support of its own frame. Tremors powers its way into its furthest point from the station. It then starts to make its return trip. The speed is all still there and the coaster has still got plenty left for its passengers. Up and down a couple more camelbacks, the train ventures for more awesome air-time. The train powers its way into the third tunnel upon which rests the infamous photo shoot. This is one sweet coaster to catch a glimpse of your photos on – as your diving into what seem to be progressively smaller tunnels in the earth. After another brief glimpse of the sky above, the train plows into the fourth underground tunnel with as much fury as ever. At this point it almost seems as if riders could touch the ceiling if they dared to fully extend their arms.Finally, blasting up and out of the fourth tunnel, the ride heads into its final high speed turn and onto the brake block.

    If I’m going to be fair, I would like to ride this coaster but its not something I would go out of my way for. I have seen bigger, better, faster and more thrilling wooden roller coasters. On that note I can’t criticize , untill I’ve tried.


    Quick Info:

    Current Coaster Name: Tremors
    Current Park Name: Silverwood Theme Park
    Previous Ride Name(s): N/A
    Location: Idaho, USA
    Status: Operating
    Cost: N/A

    Technical Info:

    Type: Wooden Twister
    Opened: 1999
    Designer: Custom Coasters International
    Features: 4 tunnels
    Height: 100 feet
    Max Drop: 103 feet
    Max Speed: 60 mph
    Length: 3000 feet
    Acceleration: N/A
    Inversions: 0
    Duration: 1.40
    Trains: 1
    Capacity: N/A







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