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  • Coaster Information:

    The Phoenix roller coaster is located at Knoebels Amusement Resort in Pennsylvania, USA. The park relocated in the 80’s and it was being run under the name of ‘The Rocket’ at play land Park in San Antonio, Texas, USA.  The dual out and back design features countless drops and plenty of airtime filled hills counting the double up, double down and the awesome bunny hops on the return run to the station.

    The ride consists of  3 PTC bench trains fixed with position lap bars. It can also hold up to 24 riders per train. So long queues are out of the question.

    The ride was designed and constructed by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company and was operated as “the Rocket” in Texas from 1947 until the park was closed in 1980. At the 1980’s The Phoenix was awarded with the “largest roller coaster in the world” award. It has crazy 3200 feet of track and a steep 78 foot hill climb before plummeting down its first drop. Knoebels Park bought the ride in 1984 and dismantled it January 1985 as there were no plans or blueprints to work with.  I would have hated to do that job! What they did was number each individual board and catalogued on site.

    When they eventually rebuilt the ride at Knoebels Park in June, 1985, they renamed it the Phoenix. The coaster was named after the mythical phoenix bird which rises, reborn from its own ashes. Now that’s a clever bird! I wish the birds that I hook up with, were half as smart as the Phoenix.

    The Phoenix coaster regularly gives a fast ride with numerous spots where riders experience uphill acceleration, or undesirable gravity. This floating feeling is known affectionately to coaster enthusiasts as “airtime,” Which we all love right?  The Phoenix has constantly ranked among the top 10. The Phoenix is an ACE Coaster Landmark and has consistently been ranked at or near 4th position by Amusement Today magazine’s annual Golden Ticket Awards.

    Knoebels Amusement Park hosts the annual event, to honor this historic project.  They host this because of its great success and is generally credited with the renewed preservation and remains highly rated from all age ranges! So I guess I must ask myself these questions. Would I ride it and would I travel all that way? Yes, I would definitely ride it but I would not travel miles and miles.

    Quick Info:

    Current Coaster Name: The Phoenix
    Current Park Name: Knoebels Park
    Previous Ride Name(s): The Rocket
    Location: Pennsylvania, USA
    Status: Operating
    Cost: US$ 1,500,000 (with relocation)

    Technical Info:

    Type: Wooden Intermediate
    Opened: June 15, 1985 (relocated)
    Designer: Herbert Paul Schmeck, 1947
    Features: Double Out and Back
    Height: 78 ft (24 m)
    Max Drop: 72 ft (22 m)
    Max Speed: 3,200 ft (980 m)
    Length: 45 mph (72 km/h)
    Acceleration: N/A
    Duration: 2:00 min
    Trains: 3
    Capacity: 720 riders per hour





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