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  • Nitro
    Coaster Information: Nitro is another wicked steel roller coaster created my Bolliger and Mabillard at Six Flags Great Adventure. To ride Nitro you will have to travel to New Jersey.  It opened in the spring of 2001 and at the time it was the fastest roller coaster in New Jersey and the tallest on the East Coast United States. Also did you know that Nitro has the second steepest drop roller coas...
  • Nighthawk
    Coaster Information: The Nighthawk has to be in my top five must try roller coasters! Its great colors and its great style just makes it worth riding. Nighthawk is a steel flying roller coaster at Carowinds, located near Charlotte, North Carolina. They ride was originally based at California’s great America where it was named the Stealth, in 2002. It was designed and manufactured by Vekoma, ...
  • Firehawk
    Coaster Information: The Firehawk roller coaster ias a steel Vekoma flying roller coaster! I do love these flying coasters! It’s in Kings Island based at Cincinnati, ohio. It was actually originally built at Six Flags World Adventure as X-Flight in the year 2001, the ride was manufactured by Vekoma. Due to low attendance at Geauga Lake, and fans of Kings Island wanting a new thrill attraction,...
  • Green Lantern
    Green Lantern
    Coaster Information: The Green Lantern Is a steel stand up roller coaster at Six Flags Adventure. Have a good guess who could possibly make such an awesome roller coaster? That’s wright, Bolliger & Mabillard, they are without a doubt my favorite and possibly many other peoples favorite rollercoaster manufacturer.  It was originally constructed at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville in ...