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  • X:/ No Way Out
    X:/ No Way Out
    Coaster Information: No way out  is a steel roller indoor roller coaster located at Thorpe Park, England. It isn’t one of the most thrilling roller coasters but yet never the less it’s still exciting for anyone’s first ride in the park. To be honest it’s a ride for ages between 8 and 16, with its dark tunnels and creepy kids dolls with red eyes placed around the track. It was Thorpe p...
  • X2
    Coaster Information: X2 was once known as “X”, the name change took place in the year 2007, it also had a nice paint job to make this awesome coaster look as good as it feels to ride! The X2 is located and operating in the Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park which is in Valencia, California, USA. The X2 is well know as its the worlds first 4th Dimension Roller Coaster, it was also to b...