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  • Prowler
    Coaster Information: The Prowler is a roller coaster in Worlds of Fun, Kansas, Missouri, United States of America. This coaster is built from wood and reaches an un-documented height of 85 feet with a top speed of 51MPH. This coast has an estimated capacity of 850 riders per hour, these passengers will all experience an thrilling ride that covers a total of 3,074 feet. These 3,074 feet will pass t...
  • Balder
    Coaster Information: The Balder roller coaster located in Liseber, Sweden is a wooden coaster, it is very different from your traditional roller coaster because it’s a prefabricated coaster, this means instead of trackers cutting and shaping the parts then laying it down by hand so it fits into any area, it was in fact laser cut to perfection in a factory then put together like a giant jigsaw pu...
  • Ravine Flyer II
    Ravine Flyer II
    Coaster Information: This coaster is not the fastest or the tallest, it does not have the best features and its made of wood, however this roller coast is some what special, it has designed over a period of many years by a few different people, the coaster was then finally built by the fabulous coaster group know as The Gravity Group, these guys built this small but thrilling coaster to the specif...
  • El Toro
    El Toro
    Coaster Information: El Torro is Spanish for The Bull, El Torro is located in the theme park Six Flags Great Adventure. This awesome coaster was opened to the public on June 11, 2006. It was built and designed by a company in Switzerland called Intamin. This coaster, when built had the steepest drop of any wooden roller coaster in the world, at 76 degrees! This record was broken by the T Express i...
  • The Voyage
    The Voyage
    Coaster Information: The Voyage is a hybrid wooden roller coaster, this means it has been built using steel then had a wooden track laid to make the coaster more authentic and rustic looking. The Voyage climbs to a total of 163 feet, followed by drops of 154 feet, 107 feet and 100 feet. The Voyage also travels underground through tunnels 5 times to make you wet your pants! This particular coaster ...