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  • Manta
    Coaster Information: The Manta is a steel flying roller roller coaster based at Sea World, Orlando Florida, USA, which mimics the sensation of flight. In this case, it is meant to resemble how rays and mantas, in particular appear to “fly” through the oceans and seas they inhabit. Riders are seated upright on the trains, in one of eight rows that each holds four passengers, for a total...
  • Griffon
    Coaster Information: The Griffon roller coaster is one I have to try!  I have been to Busch gardens multiple times but unfortunately the last time I went, this ride was not built. The Griffon coaster was built and constructed by Bollinger & Mabillard. Of course it was! They do seem to make some of the coolest and classiest roller coasters in the world today. When the ride opened it was the ta...