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  • Fahrenheit
    Coaster Information: If you haven’t been to Hershypark in Pennsylvania, United States, then you are missing a good ride called the Fahrenheit. Fahrenheit is a steel roller coaster and is one of Intamins coolest rides. It has six inversions and a heart pounding 97 degree, 121 foot vertical drop! This makes the ride, the second steepest in the United States. Nothing gets the adrenaline going throu...
  • Oblivion
    Coaster Information Probably the greatest steel vertical drop roller coaster of all time, is the “Oblivion” at Alton Towers,  in England. Not only the best vertical drop roller coaster but it was the first. I remember being in the line waiting for my turn and they play a weird videos on the screens of the The Lord of Darkness.  He apparently lives in the underground burrow and tells you th...
  • Tower of Terror 2
    Tower of Terror 2
    Coaster Information: The Tower of terror 2 is an awesome steel shuttle roller coaster that is based at Dreamworld amusement park in Queensland Australia. When the ride made its debut on the 23rd of January 1997,  it was the first ride to reach speeds of 161.9 kilometers per hour, making it the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world. Just the look of it makes your legs quiver!  It’s a ...
  • Storm Runner
    Storm Runner
    Coaster Information: If your looking for an amazing thrust of power, speed, a ride where you have no control over your screams, a twist, a climb and a feeling of weightlessness then this one is for you! Storm Runner is a steal launched roller coaster based at Hersheypark, located at Hershey, Pennsylvania. It was built in 2004 and was the third Intamin Accelerator Coaster. It reaches a decent heigh...