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  • Pepsi Max, The Big One
    Pepsi Max, The Big One
    Coaster Information: Pepsi max was the first roller coaster I had ever been on. Let’s just say it was my gateway drug to all other thrilling coasters in the world. This is the daddy that got me hooked on roller coasters since I was 10 years old. Pepsi Max, Big One is a steel roller coaster in the United Kingdom at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. The ride cost a staggering twelve million pounds which i...
  • Phantoms Revenge
    Phantoms Revenge
    Coaster Information: For a ride where you always expect the biggest drop to be the first, which isn’t always the case, the signature drop on this coaster it’s pretty immense! The Phantom’s Revenge is a steel roller coaster located at Kennywood Park, in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania. Surprisingly the first hill is only 160 feet high, the second hill drops crazy riders 232 feet into a rav...
  • Fujiyama
    Coaster Information: Japan has always been a place I have been meaning to go for many reasons but now the Fujiyama has just given me another reason.  It is one of the tallest rollercoasters in the world still to this day. The ride looks scary standing at 259 feet with an insane 235 foot drop, which makes it the largest drop in the world. Not only has it been the tallest rollercoaster in the world...
  • Intimidator
    Coaster Information: This obscene coaster is called the Intimidator, and for good reason as well! This monster of a coaster travels at a whopping 80 mph (128.7 kph) with maximum height of 232 feet or 70.7 meters, can you imagine the thrill of climbing to the maximum height then suddenly dropping towards the ground at 80 mph? The Intimidator is the 13th roller coaster to be built and installed at t...