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  • Maverick
    Coaster Information: This roller coaster is named the Maverick, its located at the Cedar Point theme park in Sandusky, Ohio, USA. The Maverick is a steel rollercoaster that covers 4,450 feet or 1,360 meters, along its course there are many intense and adrenalin pumping features but we will get to that in a bit! The Maverick was built and designed by a company called Werner Stengel, this company ha...
  • Prowler
    Coaster Information: The Prowler is a roller coaster in Worlds of Fun, Kansas, Missouri, United States of America. This coaster is built from wood and reaches an un-documented height of 85 feet with a top speed of 51MPH. This coast has an estimated capacity of 850 riders per hour, these passengers will all experience an thrilling ride that covers a total of 3,074 feet. These 3,074 feet will pass t...