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» Six Flags Magic Mountain

  • Viper – Six Flags Magic Mountain
    Viper – Six Flags Magic Mountain
    Coaster Information: The viper is another great roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain manufactured by Arrow. If you would like to ride the viper you will have to travel to Valencia, California. Viper is the last of the three 7 looper roller coasters built by Arrow Dynamics to remain operating. The other two, Shockwave at Six Flags Great America and the Great American Scream Machine at Six Fla...
  • Tatsu
    Coaster Information: The Tatsu Roller Coaster is located in the Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park in the Samurai Summit section of the park, Tatsu translated from Japanese to English means “Dragon”, the name really does explain the style of this awesome coaster. Can you imagine the way a playful dragon would fly and swoop around in the air, if you can imagine that you are imagining t...
  • X2
    Coaster Information: X2 was once known as “X”, the name change took place in the year 2007, it also had a nice paint job to make this awesome coaster look as good as it feels to ride! The X2 is located and operating in the Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park which is in Valencia, California, USA. The X2 is well know as its the worlds first 4th Dimension Roller Coaster, it was also to b...
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain
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    Nothing provides more lasting memories than a great day at the park especially when shared with your beloved ones. That’s why, in addition to the most thrilling rides on the planet, you’ll find top-shelf entertainment right here at the park of Six flag’s magic mountain. Here’s a bit of theme park trivia you can use to amaze and impress your friends to transform the normal d...