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  • Expedition Everest
    Expedition Everest
    Coaster Information: The Expedition Everest is one of Disney animal Kingdom’s best steel roller coasters! To ride this uniquely themed roller coaster, you will have to visit Walt Disney World resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, near Orlando.  As you can most probably can tell, the ride is based upon the Mount Everest, which is a mountain in the Himalayas. 😀 The ride opened on April 7th, 200...
  • Dragon Challenge
    Dragon Challenge
    Coaster Information: I have never been a fan of Harry Potter and I don’t think I will ever be , but when I heard they had a dueling roller coaster at Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida in the United States, this caught my attention. It’s the only dueling roller coaster in the world.  The ride has a theme of two dragons battling out on steel tracks. One being the “Chinese Fireball” an...
  • Manta
    Coaster Information: The Manta is a steel flying roller roller coaster based at Sea World, Orlando Florida, USA, which mimics the sensation of flight. In this case, it is meant to resemble how rays and mantas, in particular appear to “fly” through the oceans and seas they inhabit. Riders are seated upright on the trains, in one of eight rows that each holds four passengers, for a total...
  • Kraken
    Coaster Information: I had never heard about “Kraken” until the other day when a friend mentioned about it. Kracken is located at SeaWorld Orlando. It’s a steel floor less roller coaster manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard. It seems they make many of these steel rides around the world. It opened in the year 2000 and it was the first floor less roller coaster in the Southern United S...
  • The Incredible Hulk Coaster
    The Incredible Hulk Coaster
    Coaster Information: This is one roller coaster I’ve been dying to ride! I went to Islands of Adventure in Orlando Florida  a few years ago. This was during the summer and I didn’t even have space to pick my nose. It was too crowded and I was waiting at least 40 minutes for a hotdog. Never the less It’s an awesome theme park. My suggestion is that you should go during the winter period. The...