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  • Dragon Challenge
    Dragon Challenge
    Coaster Information: I have never been a fan of Harry Potter and I don’t think I will ever be , but when I heard they had a dueling roller coaster at Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida in the United States, this caught my attention. It’s the only dueling roller coaster in the world.  The ride has a theme of two dragons battling out on steel tracks. One being the “Chinese Fireball” an...
  • Tatsu
    Coaster Information: The Tatsu Roller Coaster is located in the Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park in the Samurai Summit section of the park, Tatsu translated from Japanese to English means “Dragon”, the name really does explain the style of this awesome coaster. Can you imagine the way a playful dragon would fly and swoop around in the air, if you can imagine that you are imagining t...