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» Intimidator

  • Intimidator 305
    Intimidator 305
    Coaster Information: Intamin from Switzerland  come to the rescue again and have built the amazingly fast Intimidator 305 for the Kings Dominion theme park in Doswell, Virginia, USA . This outstanding roller coaster stands in at a whopping 305 feet or 93 meters, as you can imagine such a tall coaster will reach high speeds, these speeds are a maximum of 90 mp/h or a staggering 140 km/h, it is t...
  • Intimidator
    Coaster Information: This obscene coaster is called the Intimidator, and for good reason as well! This monster of a coaster travels at a whopping 80 mph (128.7 kph) with maximum height of 232 feet or 70.7 meters, can you imagine the thrill of climbing to the maximum height then suddenly dropping towards the ground at 80 mph? The Intimidator is the 13th roller coaster to be built and installed at t...