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  • Colossus
    Coaster Information: The Colossos is a wooden sit down roller coaster at Heide Park which is based in Lower Saxony, Germany. It’s quite a unique coaster, as it’s the first wooden ride to use a prefabricated track.  This means, instead if trackers cutting, shaping, and laying the track down by hand, the track cut with lasers in the factory, achieving a higher degree of precision that could eve...
  • Expedition GeForce
    Expedition GeForce
    Coaster Information: bigFM Expedition GeForce is a really fast and super fun steel roller coaster located at the Holiday Park in Haßloch, Germany. The bigFM Expedition GeForce is one of the biggest and fastest roller coasters in the whole of Europe, it even has one of the steepest drops of any coaster in Germany clocking in at 82 degree’s, and that’s the first drop of the coasters lay...