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  • Titan
    Coaster Information: The Titan is a rollercoaster I have always seen and have always been intrigued to try. It begins by lifting riders up a 245 foot (75 m) hill and then takes a 255-foot (78 m) drop entering a 120-foot (37 m) tunnel, and then taken through a carousel turn. Following the Carousel turn, riders encounter a large camel back. The train subsequently enters an uphill 540 degree heli...
  • Shivering Timbers
    Shivering Timbers
    Coaster Information: The Shivering Timbers is what I can describe as a great safe for kids roller coaster. This ride looks very plain and simple but yet again it looks fast and thrilling with fourteen downward drops. It is based at the theme park Michigan’s Adventure in Muskegon County, Michigan. It was designed and constructed by Custom Coasters International and was opened in May 1998. The rid...
  • The Ravine Flyer 2
    The Ravine Flyer 2
    Coaster Information: The Ravine Flyer 2 is a fantastic hybrid wooden rollercoaster which is located at Waldameer Park in Eire Pennsylvania, in the United States. Amusement Today Magazine ranked it as one of the best new rides of 2008 and I can see why. The original Ravine Flyer was knocked down in 1938 to be replaced by Ravine Flyer 2 but this was only because a man was killed. Talk about a thrill...
  • Intimidator 305
    Intimidator 305
    Coaster Information: Intamin from Switzerland  come to the rescue again and have built the amazingly fast Intimidator 305 for the Kings Dominion theme park in Doswell, Virginia, USA . This outstanding roller coaster stands in at a whopping 305 feet or 93 meters, as you can imagine such a tall coaster will reach high speeds, these speeds are a maximum of 90 mp/h or a staggering 140 km/h, it is t...