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  • Six Flags Magic Mountain has a wide selection of rides to choose from for a day of fun, but it’s most known for its roller coasters. Full of exciting twists, turns and drops, these coasters will provide a day of fun for the entire family. From the Goldrusher to the newest roller-coaster, the Terminator, there are plenty of rides to choose from. Six Flags Magic Mountain has coasters dating back to 1973. Here are a few of the most well-known roller coasters at the park. These coasters are known for having the most inversions, and six of the coasters have loops.

    Six Flags Intro

    The Goldrusher, built in 1971, was the first coaster to appear in the park. It’s a Mine Train coaster, with two lift hills. The track follows the natural terrain of the hillside. The coaster is 70 feet tall and has a 35-foot drop, traveling at a top speed of 35 miles per hour. The ride lasts for 2 minutes and 30 seconds, twisting and turning its way past the Superman ride and the Log Jammer roller coaster. The minimum height to ride the Goldrusher is 48 inches. This is the standard for many of the older mine train coasters. Newer rides have slightly more strict requirements due to going faster and having some inversions.
    Gold Rusher Six Flags Magic Mountain

    The Ninja, another popular coaster in the park, is slightly different from the others. Instead of running along tracks like most rides, it’s suspended and allowed to run upside down from an overhead tubular track. This lets the cars swing freely to the sides. The track is filled with spirals and tight turns, so the train swings in a 110 degree arc along the tube. The ride has a top speed of 55 miles per hour, along with a drop of 55 feet. This roller coaster has been in service since 1988.

    Ninja Six Flags Magic Mountain

    Viper Six Flags Magic MountainThe Viper is one of the largest coasters in the world. It has three inversions and several other factors that cause it to be one of the most popular coasters at the park. It has a height of nearly 200 feet, giving riders a great view of the surrounding landscape before plunging them toward the ground at 70 miles per hour. Because of the speed of the ride, it has a stricter height requirement. Passengers have to be 54 inches tall in order to ride the Viper.

    This park also has rides based on popular superheroes, such as the Batman ride. Suspended from the track above in ski lift style chairs, riders have the sensation of free-flying, but spinning around in loops at high speeds and making hairpin turns, corkscrews and zero-g spins. The coaster reaches a height of 105 feet and a top speed of nearly 55 miles per hour. The G-forces have been knoriddlers revenge loopwn to be in excess of 4 Gs. Batman rides have been built in many Six Flags parks, but this one is the original. To ride it, passengers must be 54 inches tall.


    Another Batman ride is called the Riddler’s Revenge. This is the tallest and fastest stand-up roller coaster in the world, allowing riders to stand while traveling through steel tracks at     65 miles per hour. There are loops, inversions and hairpin turns all throughout the three minutes of track. The highest loop is 124 feet tall, with the whole coaster reaching a height of 156 feet. This ride can be frightening to some children, and since it goes at a high top speed the minimum requirement for height is 54 inches. It’s the second Batman-themed ride in the park.

    Even though the Riddler’s Revenge ride is popular, the original Batman ride is more so. It was built in 1994 by Malibard and Bolliger Company, and is made of reinforced steel to withstand the high g-forces that the trains are placed under as they go along the tracks. At first, the ride starts with the passengers walking through the gardens of Gotham City Park, which Bruce Wayne owns. The park has sculptures place throughout, as well as plenty of natural scenery. Everyone is relaxed at first when going through the park. After encountering evidence of crime, the path goes into the underground tunnel beneath Gotham, and then through the Batcave, where the loading platform for the coaster is located. The Batman ride is unique among many roller coasters because it’s upside down. The cars don’t run along a track, they are suspended from it, leaving people’s feet to dangle freely in the air. The first lift hill rises for ten stories – approximately a hundred feet – before building up speed to go through a series of loops, twists and turns at over 60 miles per hour. This is certainly fitting for anything to do with Batman; the excitement of his crime-fighting career is reflected in the energy of the roller coaster.

    Tatsu Six FlagsThe Tatsu roller coaster is the world’s tallest and fastest coaster. It is made of 3,062 feet of twisted steel that is intertwined though Magic Mountain’s mountainside. Sudden plunges, great big loops, and steep dives enhance this thrilling coaster ride. Scream Six Flags

    The Scream coaster is a combination of traditional and new age coaster design. This coaster utilizes a floorless train design. Riders are put into what are called “flying chairs.” The track is 3,985 feet long, and speeds reach up to 65 mph. 



    Deja VuThe Déjà vu coaster is yet another coaster that makes use of new-age technology. Riders fly both forwards and backwards while going over steel that is twisting, looping, and inverted. Riders are strapped in ski-lift style chairs that are suspended from the track above. This coaster is similar to the Batman ride. The only difference is that riders travel outside of a vertical loop, and when they look out over their feet, all they see is sky. Goliath Junior

    Young thrill seekers can take a chilling ride on Goliath Jr. It has been coined “The Giant Among Kids Coasters.” A miniature version of the Goliath coaster, this coaster has gentle hills, great for the kid who aspires to someday conquer the larger coasters in the park.


    X2 is a coaster that is notorious for breaking all of the rules. This one of a kind coaster is the world’s first fourth dimensional coaster. It is coined, “a don’t-know-what-to-expect thrill.” Usually coasters just parallel the track, but on this coaster, riders can travel in prototype vehicles that can go 360 degrees forwards or backwards on a separate axis.

    GoliathThe Goliath coaster was built by Giovanola of Switzerland. The coaster combines a layout of both a twister and an out and back coaster. This is a thrilling combo that coaster lovers just can’t get enough of. The Goliath is known for its hammering G forces that go in excess of 4.5 Gs in just six seconds.

    Another park thrill is the Canyon Blaster. It was built in 1999 and designed by Miler Coaster, Inc. It has a height of 16 feet and a length of 416 feet. The drop is an exciting 16 feet. Canyon BLaster


    Riders looking for special effects and eerie scenery have to look no further than Superman the Escape. This ride starts out in the fortress of Solitude, a crystalline ice-cavern high atop the park’s mountain ridge. Guests zoom through a tunnel filled with special effects just before electromagnetic motors accelerate the coaster vehicles from zero to 100 mph in a mere seven seconds. Then, riders are shot up a 41-story tower. This coaster spans 900 feet across the entire theme park. Superman Escape

    The tallest and fastest roller coaster experience in the West can be found on the Coloussus, which opened in 1978. This wooden coaster features fourteen hills, and three drops. From foot to end, the coaster measures 1,608 feet and it crosses over 10 acres of land.

    Colossos Six Flags







    The Revolution coaster was the first coaster to have a 360-degree vertical loop when it was built. It is a landmark of Magic Mountain because of its 90-foot tall inverted design. Because of its terrain layout, riders are dropped through the trees before they are turned upside down in a notorious vertical loop.






    Look out for the Terminator coaster Memorial Day weekend of 2009. This wooden coaster will span 2, 850 feet Terminator COasterand stand ten stories high. It will hit speeds of up to 55 miles per hour. 

    Six Flags Magic Mountain has a varied selection of roller coasters, many of which are well-known all over the United States for their thrill and speed. In Six Flags Over Georgia, other coasters have tried – mostly successfully – to recreate the success of these coasters by creating their own Batman ride and more recently, a Superman ride. No matter whether you want a more leisurely roller coaster experience on an old-fashioned mine train or a looping thrill ride on the Batman roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain, there is something for everyone. Before riding any coaster, make sure that you have no existing heart problems or illnesses that would prevent you from enjoying the ride to its fullest.

    Name Type Design Opened Status
    Batman The Ride Steel Inverted 3/26/1994 Operating
    Canyon Blaster Steel Sit Down 1999 Operating
    Colossus Wood Sit Down 6/29/1978 Operating
    Déjà Vu Steel Inverted 8/25/2001 Operating
    Gold Rusher Steel Sit Down 5/29/1971 Operating
    Goliath Steel Sit Down 2/11/2000 Operating
    Ninja Steel Suspended 5/21/1988 Operating
    Percy’s Railway Steel Sit Down 1971 Operating
    Revolution Steel Sit Down 5/8/1976 Operating
    Riddler’s Revenge Steel Stand Up 4/4/1998 Operating
    Scream! Steel Sit Down 4/12/2003 Operating
    Superman The Escape Steel Sit Down 3/15/1997 Operating
    Tatsu Steel Flying 5/13/2006 Operating
    Terminator Salvation: The Coaster Wood Sit Down 2009 Under Construction
    Viper Steel Sit Down 4/7/1990 Operating
    X2 Steel 4th Dimension 1/12/2002 Operating
    unknown Steel Sit Down 2010 Under Construction

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    i honestly love terminator salvation,its a fun fast ride but at the same time you enjoyit alot and just have a blast.itsprbably one of the rides that i actually laugh on

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