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  • Coaster Information:

    Lethal Weapon is another fantastic steel inverted roller coaster, manufactured and designed by Vekoma. It’s located at Warner Brothers ,  Movie World in Gold Coast , Queensland Australia. Clearly it got its name from the Lethal Weapon movie series.

    When riders join the queue, they enter a China Town look a like theme line, complete with a variety of facades such as “Lee’s Martial Arts School” from the movie, and various restaurants and laundry shops to make you feel like you’re in the back streets of China. The queue starts out doors and then moves inside a room where it looks similar to a cinema, where they can watch small clips of the ride and also watch clippings from the movies.

    Before the riders eventually get onto the coaster, they progress into an area made up like an auto yard, with cars piled up on top of each other. There is graffiti all over the walls and speakers behind bushes blaring out the sounds of barking Dobermans.  After hearing an audio presentation and removing any loose items, riders are strapped in and the ride and set to go!

    The train climbs the 33.3-metre lift hill, before plummeting down a steep, curved drop to the right. The train then enters the roll over, followed by a hill with a banked turn to the left. At the bottom of the hill comes a sidewinder (similar to an immelmann loop), followed by a 270 degree turn to the right. Next comes two inline twists. Upon leaving this element, riders experience a download 180 degree turn to the right. Unlike most Vekoma suspended roller coasters. The Ride features an additional helix just before the brake run. This element was referred to as the “bayern kurve” by Vekoma and was the first to be installed in any Suspended Looping Roller Coaster.

    As always, after any roller coaster, they make you walk through the gift shop, enticing you to buy sweets, t-shirts etc.

    Lethal Weapon has 2 trains with 10 cars per train. Riders are then arranged two across in a single row for a total of 20 riders per train. The two trains are very similar to each other. They have a similar color although one features some red elements while the other train features blue elements. The ride stands out in the park with its tall dark steel tracks.

    I spent some time in Australia but I never had the chance to go to Warner Bothers Movie World. There’s always another time in the future and this ride will definitely be on my list.

    Quick Info:

    Current Coaster Name: Lethal Weapon
    Current Park Name: Warner Brothers, Movie World
    Previous Ride Name(s): N/A
    Location: Gold Coast , Queensland Australia
    Status: Operating
    Cost: $16,000,000 Australian Dollars

    Technical Info:

    Type: Steel Inverted
    Opened: 26 December 1995
    Designer: Vekoma
    Features: Partially Enclosed
    Height: 115 feet
    Max Drop: 95 feet
    Max Speed: 55 mph
    Length: 2170 feet
    Acceleration: N/A
    Inversions: 5
    Duration: 2.05
    Trains:  2
    Capacity: N/A




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