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  • Coaster Information:

    The Katun is a steel inverted roller coaster based at Mirabilandia Amuesment Park, Savio, outside Ravenna Italy. They say it’s the longest inverted roller coaster ride in Europe and it’s considered to be one of Bollinger & Mabillard finest one ever made. The coaster reaches a whopping height of 169 feet, and has a track length of 3937 feet. The best part is that it it gets up to 65 mph and six inversions!

    Katuns theme is based round an ancient Mayen ruin. When you want to ride Katun you will have to pass through two circular structures called star gates. There is one just after leaving the station platform and there is also another one on the final break run.

    If you don’t know what “Katun” is, then I will explain it to you.  Katun is a period of 7200 days, which is just under 20 years of the Maya calendar.

    The look of this ride itself is enough to entice you onto it. Its dark navy blue steel tracks and and huge steel structures is enough to either scare you away or enough to say “bring it on!” Well as you all know me by now, this is definitely one that you do not walk away from. I’ve also heard that it’s one of those rides that will make you scream the F word all the way through. Both vertical loop and cobra roll in particular both lay down the positive g’s and keep them there all the way around their titan radii, and the world’s largest zero-g camelback hill with a devilish ground-level high-speed turn are the only things separating these two dynamos apart. There’s another problem though, I’ve heard a lot of people say the ride is fantastic and some other friends who have said they couldn’t understand why it’s in the top 20 roller coasters.

    Its starts with the huge 169 foot climb, then dips to the left for a huge dunking drop, followed by a loop. After the loop you come to a high corkscrew to the right, then a drop into another loop. Which you then hit the air brakes to slow you down from the previous loop. Then you roll down another drop of 30 feet taking you on another loop/corkscrew through a tunnel and then yet again go through another loop/corkscrew to the left. To then finally finish on a helix that bends to the left taking you through its circular stargate theme, which brings you back to the platform station.

    As I’m a rollercoaster enthusiast, I have to say that I do agree with the people that said they couldn’t understand why it was in the top 20 coasters.  Don’t get me wrong, I really would like to try it for myself but I think I have seen more exciting wooden coasters and you all know how I feel about wooden ones.

    Quick Info:

    Current Coaster Name: Katun
    Current Park Name: Mirabilandia Amusement Park
    Previous Ride Name(s): N/A
    Location: Savio, Ravenna, Italy
    Status: Operating
    Cost: N/A

    Technical Info:

    Type: Steel Inverted Roller coaster
    Opened: April 1st, 2000
    Designer: Bolliger & Mabillard
    Features: Themed, 1 Tunnel
    Height: 164 feet
    Max Drop: 148 feet
    Max Speed: 65 mph
    Length: 3937 feet
    Acceleration: 4g
    Inversions: 6
    Duration: 2.50
    Trains: 3
    Capacity: 1700 per hour







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