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    The Green Lantern Is a steel stand up roller coaster at Six Flags Adventure. Have a good guess who could possibly make such an awesome roller coaster? That’s wright, Bolliger & Mabillard, they are without a doubt my favorite and possibly many other peoples favorite rollercoaster manufacturer.  It was originally constructed at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville in 1997, where it was also known as the Chang. The ride set world records for its height, drop, speed, length and numerous inversions. The ride was removed in 2009 and placed at Six Flags Great Adventure in 2011.

    Chang means “long” in Mandarin Chinese. When the ride opened in 1997, Chang had yellow track and yellow supports. A couple of years later they changed the track to a lime green and they then changed the supports to Violet. There were lots of ideas for the ride but nothing ever came from it.  At one point they were thinking of placing a Batman theme, and then naming Chang “Batman” or Riddler’s Revenge. Clearly nothing ever came from this and they removed the coaster to expand Splashwater Kingdom.

    Finally they made up their minds with what they were going to do with this rejected coaster. In 2010 the ride reportedly showed up at Six Flags Great America after the announcement of The Great American Scream Machine got closed down.

    On September 16, 2010, Six Flags officially publicized the ride as “Green Lantern”. By April 1, 2011 all track was in place. The entire track is painted green, with the exception of the vertical loop, which is painted yellow. Initially, the second corkscrew was the track section that was going to be painted yellow, but the decision was made to switch the scheme to the first loop. The loop is painted yellow because green lantern’s enemy is parallax who is yellow. Like the previous coaster built on the site, the Great American Scream Machine, the entire infield of the ride is covered with gravel. The coaster also reuses Scream Machine’s queue entry plaza building. Green Lantern opened to season pass holders between May 19–21 and it officially opened to the public on May 25th.

    I have still to experience a stand up ride and its definitely something I will be doing very soon.

    At the beginning of the ride you depart from the station and then climb up the 155-foot giant lift hill. Along the hill the Green Lantern oath is played on speakers. At the top, the train enters the signature B&M pre-drop before making a slightly banked 180 degree turnaround. After this, the trains drops 144 feet into a 121.58 feet tall vertical loop. Coming out of the vertical loop, the track rises up to the right into a 103.83 foot tall diving loop, hugging the first drop of Superman: Ultimate Flight. Riders then rise up and into a diving turnaround over the station. Dropping out of the turnaround, the train then enters a right leaning 72 feet tall inclined loop. The inclined loop elements are unique to the three larger B&M standup coasters: Green Lantern, Mantis, and the Riddler’s Revenge. After a small hill the train then rises up to the left into the mid-course brake run. Dropping out of the brake run, the train enters a right corkscrew, and turns to the right, weaving through the middle of the diving loop. The track then makes a ground hugging left hand turn, entering a low to the ground second right corkscrew. After a right hand turn, the train makes a final 180 degree left hand turn into the final brake run, before advancing back into the station.

    Please let me know if you have ridden this ride since its opening and what it was like. I’m still very keen to know what a stand up roller coaster feels like and how you would rate it to sit down coasters.

    Quick Info:

    Current Coaster Name: Green Lantern
    Current Park Name: Six Flags Great Adventure
    Previous Ride Name(s): Chang
    Location: Jackson, New Jersey, United States
    Status: Operating
    Cost: $12,000,000

    Technical Info:

    Type: Steel Stand-up
    Opened:    April 4, 1997 (Kentucky Kingdom)
    May 25, 2011 (Great Adventure)
    Designer:  Werner Stengel
    Features:  None
    Height: 154 feet
    Max Drop:  144 feet
    Max Speed: 63 mph
    Length: 4155 feet
    Acceleration:  N/A
    Inversions:  5
    Duration: 2.30
    Trains:  2
    Capacity: N/A







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  1. #1 Bradford Dale says:
    May 12, 2013 at 18:03

    I rode this at Kentucky Kingdom when it was (and maybe still is) the largest stand-up coaster in the world. The loop at the time was the largest of any kind, and the speed and height was the record for a stand-up ride. I rode the old (and first) stand-up coaster, King Cobra, at King’s Island in Cincinnati many times before trying this…very different feel. King Cobra, you stood straight up tall, straddling a sort of bicycle seat mounted on springs that would lift you off the floor during air-time moments and would press you into the floor during heavy G’s. It was kind of like riding a bike with your feet off the pedals and just dangling. Chang, you leaned against a sloping padded wall where you weren’t standing straight up, but leaning back at about a 70 degree angle as if leaning with your rear resting at the edge of, say, a kitchen countertop. It was more comfortable, but the speed created incredible intensity in the positive G’s experienced, even at the tops of the inversions. On both rides, your knees really do buckle with those G’s! Chang had two tunnels where it went underground in the second portion of the ride, and it was lushly landscaped. Cedar point’s similar ride is too compact making the twists too sharp, causing nausea because of too much action in too little space…I will miss Chang because it’s size allows for more comfortable riding…I live too far from New Jersey to go there to ride it there. If you haven’t ridden it yet, I think you’ll like it!

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