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  • Coaster Information:

    For all of you adrenaline junkies out there, Flight Deck is located at Californias Great America in Northern California. It was built my my favorite manufacturer, Bolliger & Mabillard. The ride opened on March 19, 1993 as Top Gun. This was Bolliger & Mabillards second inverted roller coaster. The Inverted roller coaster has become the company’s most popular brand of coaster.  Flight Deck renamed the ride in January as Afterburn but only to have the name reverted back to Flight Deck.

    The ride even managed to get a clip on the television for the headache tablets “Excedrin” in 2007.

    I would have to say it isn’t one of B&M’s most exciting rides but who cares when it comes to steel inverted coasters!  Flight Deck isn’t the tallest, or the fastest or even long at all to be fair. Its height is 102 feet tall and it can reach speeds of 50 mph.

    The ride begins with a small right-hand turn followed by the lift hill. The drop at the top of the hill begins with a sharp left turn. After the drop, there is a vertical loop. The ride then performs a 3/4 turn to the right followed by a Zero G roll. There are a couple mild turns. After this, there is a small drop immediately followed by a corkscrew. The ride features another 3/4 turn, this time to the left. Finally, the train turns right into the loading station.

    I don’t have much to say about this ride, to be honest I would not travel out of my way to ride it. I’m quite disappointed with Bolliger & Mabillard because I’m a huge fan.  I suppose what this ride does have, is great terrain and a theme!

    Leave a comment down the bottom of the page and let me know if you have ridden it and what your experience was like.

    Quick Info:

    Current Coaster Name: Flight Deck
    Current Park Name: Californias Great America
    Previous Ride Name(s): Top Gun, Afterburn
    Location: Northern California , USA
    Status: Operating
    Cost: N/A

    Technical Info:

    Type: Steel Inverted
    Opened: March 19th, 1993
    Designer: Bolliger & Mabillard
    Features: Terrain, Lake and Theme
    Height: 100 feet
    Max Drop: 91 feet
    Max Speed: 50 mph
    Length: 2260 feet
    Acceleration: N/A
    Inversions: 3
    Duration: 2.26
    Trains: 2
    Capacity: 1400 per hour







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