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  • Coaster Information:

    bigFM Expedition GeForce is a really fast and super fun steel roller coaster located at the Holiday Park in Haßloch, Germany. The bigFM Expedition GeForce is one of the biggest and fastest roller coasters in the whole of Europe, it even has one of the steepest drops of any coaster in Germany clocking in at 82 degree’s, and that’s the first drop of the coasters layout! The trains on this monster travel up to  120 kilometres per hour (75 mph) through a course that measures out to a whopping 1.2 kilometres or 0.75 miles, if this doesnt get your adrenalin rushing there must be a problem with you!

    There are an astounding 7 periods of weightlessness around the track to ensure the riders feel like they are going to fall out of the train at any second! At the highest point of the coaster it will reach a staggering 53 meters above ground level or 174 feet which is a height that make people look like ants. If your scared of heights, this coast will surely make you want to change your underwear as soon as you get off.  Since the coaster travels at 75mph you will be around the track in a short time of 1 minute and 15 seconds, as far as we can tell, it would be much better if the track was a little longer so that adrenalin rush could go on for longer.

    A company called Intamin built this amazing coaster, they have also built some of the worlds fastest coaster and most exhilarating coaster known to man, knowing this, you can be sure that you will have an experience you will never forget.

    Overall if your looking for a coaster in Europe that’s so fast it will destroy your face and with plenty of negative g-force to make you wana change your underwear, this is certainly the roller coaster for you! You and your family or friends will enjoy this so much that you will want to go again and again, unless you dont have any more underwear to change into.

    Quick Info:

    Current Coaster Name: bigFM Expedition GeForce
    Current Park Name: Holiday Park
    Previous Ride Name(s): Expedition GeForce
    Location: Haßloch, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
    Status: Operating
    Links: Official Website
    Cost: N/A

    Technical Info:

    Type: Steel
    Opened: Operating since 2001
    Designer: Intamin
    Features: Elevator Cable Lift, Terrain
    Height: 188.00 ft (57.30 m)
    Max Drop: 184.00 ft (56.08 m)
    Max Speed: 74.6 mph (120.1 km/h)
    Length: 4,002.58 ft (1,219.99 m)
    Max G-Force: 4.5
    Inversions: 0
    Duration: 1:15
    Trains: 2
    Capacity: 1,300 riders per hour


    Expedition-GeForce - The entrance makes you scared because it looks like a shed!
    Expedition-GeForce - The view of all the coaster weaving in and out of the trees around the park
    Expedition-GeForce - This view shows us the loop from floor level
    Expedition-GeForce - Check out the angle in this awesome pic
    Expedition-GeForce - Awesome height with some great twists making you feel that 4.5 G-Force


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