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  • Coaster Information:

    Dare devil dive is a steel roller coaster based at Six Flags Over Georgia. The ride was designed by a German company called Gerstlauer. The ride features a beyond vertical super steep, 95-degree drop. After that riders are treated to an onslaught of loops and a pretty entertaining looking course. The ride features the World’s first V-shaped cars with stadium seating. It reminds me a lot of the ride “SAW” at Thorpe Park, United Kingdom.

    The ride was finally announced in September 1, 2010 where it was placed in the parks USA section, next to the Goliath. To make space for Dare Devil Dive, the long standing Drive-in Theater building was knocked down and also its indoor Eli Bridge Scrambler.

    This is the additional attraction to carry the “Dare Devil Dive” name in Six Flags Over Georgia’s history. In 1996, the park added a Skycoaster attraction to its Cotton States section that was named “Fearless Freep’s Dare Devil Dive”. That name was inspired by a Bugs Bunny cartoon, High Diving Hare, in which Yosemite Sam attempts to force Bugs Bunny to perform a high-diving act when the show’s star, Fearless Freep, is unavailable. In recent years, the park has renamed the attraction simply as “Sky Coaster.”

    A review about the ride said that you can get some serious hang time on its barrel roll. The reviewer said he left the ride pleasantly surprised. However, it does sound like ride capacity may be an issue, which isn’t surprising considering Dare Devil Dive’s 6-person train cars. So, while queues are long for all new rides, queues may be ludicrously silly long for this one.

    Dare Devil Dive begins as the car exits the station and turns right to reach the upright lift hill. Upon reaching the top, the car gradually crests the hill then drops toward the ground, passing through “rings of fire” before leveling out and climbing to enter the first inversion, a diving loop. As it exits, it drops back to the ground before climbing upwards to the right to enter a banked turn on its side, then diving down towards the right. It next enters the second inversion, an Immelmann loop, returning to the ground then turning upwards to the left to enter the ride’s mid-course brakes. Exiting the brakes, the train makes a U-turn to the left, swinging around a “control tower” then crossing over the first drop before making another U-turn to the right through a tunnel, exiting into the final inversion, a heart-line roll. After a final right-hand turn, the car reaches the final brake run and returns to the station.

    Personally, I think this is more of a fun ride and not so much thrilling and intense. These types of rides are all about the build up and the anticipation more than the coaster itself. That slow climb up the 95 foot climb will do it for you.

    Quick Info:

    Current Coaster Name: Dare Devil Dive
    Current Park Name: Six Flags Over Georgia
    Previous Ride Name(s): High Diving Hare
    Location: Austell, Georgia, USA
    Status: Operating
    Cost: $9,000,000

    Technical Info:

    Type: Steel Looper
    Opened: May 28, 2011
    Designer:  Gerstlauer
    Features: Vertical Lift
    Height: 95 feet
    Max Drop: 0
    Max Speed: 52 mph
    Length: 2099 feet
    Inversions: 3
    Duration: 1:40
    Trains: N/A
    Capacity: N/A



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