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  • Coaster Information:

    The Colossos is a wooden sit down roller coaster at Heide Park which is based in Lower Saxony, Germany. It’s quite a unique coaster, as it’s the first wooden ride to use a prefabricated track.  This means, instead if trackers cutting, shaping, and laying the track down by hand, the track cut with lasers in the factory, achieving a higher degree of precision that could ever be done by hand! The cool thing about the tracks is that it is made like Lego pieces. You can just join the track together. As long as a child didn’t build it, I don’t care about riding it. Instead of being nailed together by hand, the track is made of more layers of wood which are tightly bonded together. This means this has three huge benefits, two for the park and the other for the thrill seekers.

    It was manufactured by a company called “Intamin” and designed by the great Werner Stengel.

    Colossus is actually the tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster in Europe and the tallest operating roller coaster in the world! It has a whopping height of 196.83 feet and a crazy drop of 159.08 feet. The rides maximum speed can reach up to 74.6 mph reaching 3.8 G’s! Tempted to ride? I know I am!

    You will probably be interested to know that the duration of the ride is a long 2.25 minutes long, holding up to 1500 riders per hour.

    Sorry kids but if you are shorter than 4 feet , then you can’t ride this ride! Gutted?

    The “Plug and Play” feature of the coaster speeds construction, since the track does not have to be entirely built on site. In addition, building expenses are dropped due to fewer man hours being required. The cool thing is that the riders benefit from the coaster for being really smooth. However, some roller coaster enthusiasts will say that it’s not the same or it’s not as good. The only reason being, that it’s not the same and does not have the same feel to normal coasters.

    There are three other prefabricated roller coasters around the world. There is Balder at Liseberg, El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure and T-Express at Everland in South Korea.

    Like I have said in a lot of my posts, I’m not a massive fan of wooden roller coasters because of the damage they do to our spines but a prefabricated track sounds great to me!

    Quick Info:

    Current Coaster Name: Colossos
    Current Park Name: Heide Park
    Previous Ride Name(s): N/A
    Location: Soltau, lower Saxony, Germany
    Status: Operating
    Cost: N/A

    Technical Info:

    Type: Wood Out-and-Back
    Opened: april 3rd, 2001
    Designer: Intamin
    Features: None
    Height: 197 feet
    Max Drop: 159 feet
    Max Speed: 75 mph
    Length: 4409 feet
    Acceleration: N/A
    Inversions: 0
    Duration: 2.25
    Trains: 2
    Capacity: 1500 per hour










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  1. #1 Steven Wayne Smith says:
    July 23, 2013 at 05:03

    That’s some serious stuff man

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