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    Cedar Point Amusement Park, located in Sandusky, Ohio, is an exciting and fun venue for the whole family to enjoy. It is located on a peninsula near Lake Erie, giving a beautiful view of cedar and pine forests and the lake. There are several major cities nearby, such as Cleaveland, Toledo and Detroit. Sandusky, Ohio is a small town with a history as a Great Lakes port community, making the community accessible to large cities as well as retaining the small-town charm that it’s most known for. Cedar Point Amusement Park’s 2009 season begins in the first week of May.


    Blue Streak Cedar Point First DropFor a fun day at Cedar Point Amusement Park has plenty to offer: restaurants, live shows, roller coasters, carousels, water rides and more. The park has been in operation since 1870, and boasts some roller coaster rides that have been in operation since the 1960s that can offer children and adults alike a nostalgic yet safe experience of what amusement parks were like back then. The oldest roller coaster currently in operation is the Blue Streak. Rising up to nearly 80 feet above the midway, this coaster allows you to have hill after hill of airtime. You can get a brief view of the surrounding countryside before falling into an adrenaline-filled drop. To ride the Blue Streak, you must be at least 48 inches tall, and no loose articles such as jewelry are permitted for the purpose of safety.

    Cedar Point isn’t only about nostalgic rides – it has plenty of newly built ones as well. The Maverick, the newest roller coaster, was built and opened in 2007. This is easily the most thrilling if all the rides at the park. You start by entering a sleekly-designed coaster train. The first ascent you experience seems like a slow one, only going at 20 degrees to a height of 105 feet, but the drop more than makes up for it. Likely, you’re expecting a mild drop. Most people would only expect the hill at first to be a steep or vertical drop – this coaster goes beyond the vertical. The angle is 95 degrees, sending you flying toward the ground at 57 miles per hour. You reach a distance of closer than 5 feet to the ground, then go through several corkscrew turns, inversions, horseshoe turns and a 400-foot-long darkened tunnel, the last of which occurs after a second launch at 70 miles per hour. To ride the Maverick, you must be at least 52 inches tall.

    Maverick Ceda Point

    After you’ve ridden the Maverick and the Blue Streak you’re likely going to want some food. There are plenty of food accommodations at Cedar Point Amusement Park. There are over 40 quick serve locations, 11 full-service restaurants and 86 specialty carts that exist inside the park itself. There is a wide selection of foods available, such as hot dogs, funnel cakes, homemade fudge, fries, saltwater taffy and much more. There’s something everyone can enjoy during their day at the park. Outside the main gates, there are public picnic areas available to anyone who chooses them, but on a first-come first-served basis. Inside Cedar Point, picnic baskets, coolers and other types of picnic items are not permitted.

    If you want to come to the park early to enjoy the day but not have to do so on an empty stomach, there are bakeries and coffee shops that serve breakfast food from 7 AM until noon. Donuts, homemade cinnamon rolls and a full breakfast selection is available at the Donut Time quick service restaurant, located across from the Sky Ride near the Main Midway.

    If you feel like one day isn’t enough to enjoy the full experience of Cedar Point Amusement Park, the park owns plenty of accommodation properties for your family. There are over a Sandusky Sandcastle Suites Hotelthousand rooms available, and one of the best advantages is if you stay at the hotels you have the right of Early Entry – the park is open to you an hour before the gates are opened to the general public. There are more than just standard hotels – there’s also a campsite for RVs, a waterpark resort open year-round and more. There are group options available for large groups of families.

    Speaking of water-based activity, nearby Lake Erie is host to marinas, if you’re particularly fond of boating. Cedar Point Marina has a floating pier system, a store, a gas dock, a picnic area, gated docks as well as a swimming pool. There are two restaurants at the marina, Bay Harbor and Dave’s Pit Bar-B-Que. The Bay Harbor has fresh seafood and steak for a more upscale dining experience, whereas Dave’s Bar-B-Que is more down-home and has plenty of ribs, burgers, and other foods. You’re sure to have an enjoyable time on the lake, whether you want to boat or just have a nice seafood meal.

    Cedar Point Amusement Park also has attraction to sightseers. The gardens on Cedar Point’s main midway, over the years, have attracted people because of their bright colors and designs. IF you want to view this collection of landscape art, try doing it from either the Space Spiral or the Sky Ride for a clean view. One of the most popular floral beds is the one in the shape of the American flag. It’s 32 by 50 feet and uses red and white begonias for the stripes and the stars. The blue field is made of blue ageratums. This is the centerpiece of the main midway.

    Cedar Point also has facilities and accommodations for those with special needs. Guests can request for a sign language interpretation a week in advance at live shows, and two first aid stations are always operated by a licensed, registered nurse. For those requiring service animals such as Seeing Eye dogs, the park allows them on the premises and on certain rides.

    If you want to have a fun and exciting time, be sure to visit Cedar Point Amusement Park when it opens in May. Event calendars on the website will offer full details of any special events that are planned for the summer.

    Amusement Park: Cedar Point
    Address: 1 Cedar Point Road
    Sandusky, Ohio 44870 USA
    Phone numbers: 419-627-2350 Local
    419-627-2290 FAX
    Official web site:
    Fan web sites: Experience The Point
    North Ohio Parks
    The Point Online
    Tour The Point
    Status: Operating since 1870
    Existing Roller Coasters (17): Name Type Design Opened Status
      Blue Streak Wood Sit Down 5/23/1964 Operating
      Cedar Creek Mine Ride Steel Sit Down 5/24/1969 Operating
      Corkscrew Steel Sit Down 5/15/1976 Operating
      Disaster Transport Steel Bobsled 5/11/1985 Operating
      Gemini Steel Sit Down 1978 Operating
      Iron Dragon Steel Suspended 1987 Operating
      Jr. Gemini Steel Sit Down 1979 Operating
      Magnum XL-200 Steel Sit Down 5/6/1989 Operating
      Mantis Steel Stand Up 5/11/1996 Operating
      Maverick Steel Sit Down 5/26/2007 Operating
      Mean Streak Wood Sit Down 5/11/1991 Operating
      Millennium Force Steel Sit Down 5/13/2000 Operating
      Raptor Stee Inverted 5/7/1994 Operating
      Top Thrill Dragster Steel Sit Down 5/4/2003 Operating
      Wicked Twister Steel Inverted 5/5/2002 Operating
      Wildcat Steel Sit Down 1979 Operating
      Woodstock Express Steel Sit Down 5/10/1999 Operating
    Past Roller Coasters (13): Name Type Design Opened Closed
      Broadway Trip Steel Sit Down 1964 1964 or later
      Cyclone Wood Sit Down 1929 1951
      Dip the Dips Scenic Railway Wood Sit Down 1908 1917
      High Frolics Wood Sit Down 1918 1940
      Jumbo Jet Steel Sit Down 1972 1978
      Kiddieland Roller Coaster Steel Sit Down 1952 1964 or later
      Leap the Dips Wood Sit Down 1912 1935
      Racer Wood Sit Down 1910 1928
      Scamper Wood Sit Down 1962 1969
      Switchback Railway Wood Sit Down 1892
      Three-Way Figure Eight Roller Wood Sit Down 1902 1909
      Wild Mouse Steel Sit Down 1959 1962
      Wildcat Steel Sit Down 5/23/1970 1978

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